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Small Bowel

  • Annenberg 12-01; 13-12, 13-14 (map)

Presenter: Ken Wang
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Scott Nguyen
SG 1: Dylan
SG 2: Damien
SG 3: Maddy

SCORE topics (Year 2/2):

  • Small Intestinal Adenocarcinoma

  • Small Intestinal Polyps

  • Miscellaneous Small Intestinal Neoplasms (carcinoid)

  • Mesenteric Cyst

SCORE procedure (Year 2/2):

  • Small Intestinal Resection

Small group topics:

  • Junior: presentation and workup of carcinoid

Large Group Activity:

  • Skills Lab: Intestinal anastomoses

Assigned Reading:

Junior level chapters

  • Recommended: Sabiston Ch 49 Small intestine

  • Alternate: Greenfield Ch 48 Anatomy and Physiology of the Small intestine, Ch 51 Small Bowel Tumors

 Senior level chapters

  • Cameron’s: Management of Small Bowel Tumors

 Procedure-focused reading

  • Dimick

Reminder! The following “off-year” topics are NOT being covered but you should review for the ABSITE!


SCORE topics (Year 1/2):

·        Small Intestinal Obstruction

·        Paralytic Ileus

·        Pneumatosis

·        Mesenteric Ischemia of small intestine - Acute (Arterial, Venous, and Nonocclusive)

·        Ileostomy

Earlier Event: September 13
Later Event: September 27