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Wound Healing, Burns

  • Annenberg 12-01; 13-12, 13-14 (map)

Presenter: Kacey Chuquin
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Peter Taub
SG 1: ?, Dylan
SG 2: Tamar, Max
SG 3: Mike Plietz, Stephen

SCORE topics (Year 2/2):

  • Disturbances of Wound Healing and Chronic Wounds

  • Burns

  • Frostbite and Hypothermia

  • Smoke Inhalation Injury and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

SCORE procedure (Year 2/2):

  • Burn Debridement and Grafting of Major Burns

  • Skin Grafting

Small group topics:

  • Junior: Phases of wound healing and alterations in chronic wounds

  • Senior: Burn management

Large Group Activity:

  • Skills Lab: Wound closure, Tubes, Drains, Knots, Suturing

Assigned Reading:

Junior level chapters

 Senior level chapters

 Procedure-focused reading

  • Dimick: Ch. 107

Reminder! The following “off-year” topics are NOT being covered but you should review for the ABSITE!


SCORE topics (Year 1/2):

·        Physiology of Normal Wound Healing

·        Wound Care - Adjunctive

·        Wound Care - Postoperative

·        Wound Closure

·        Abdominal Wall Reconstruction - Components Separation

Earlier Event: August 28
Later Event: September 6