General Surgery Resident

Educational Events

9/4/18 - 9/7/2018




Wednesday, September 5, 2018 → 7:00am – 7:45am

Location: Hatch Auditorium

Guggenheim Pavilion, 2nd Floor

“The Mortality & Morbidity Conference”



Wednesday, September 5, 2018 → 7:45am – 9:00am

Location: Hatch Auditorium

Guggenheim Pavilion, 2nd Floor

Department of Surgery Grand Rounds Presents:


“Physician Well-Being and Burnout”



Jonathan Ripp, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine

Department of Medicine

The Mount Sinai Hospital



Friday, September 7, 2018

7:00am – 10:00am

Location: Annenberg 12-01

Topic: Colon

Resident Presenter: Stewart Whitney, MD

Faculty Discussant: Patricia Sylla, MD


Influenza Vaccine

All Residents need to get a flu shot and bring proof to the Education Office

Please visit Employee Health Service (EHS) from 8 am – 4 pm by walk-in or appointment to get your shot







In an effort to simplify the submission of requests for days off,


you may submit requests using the links below.  


***All requests are due 6 weeks prior to the month they are for***



November 2018 Requests






  • SINAI INTERNS (including PGY2 on Surgical Oncology)


  • SINAI SENIORS (including PGY2 on buddy calls)



    General Surgery Categorical Residents

    ***Operative Assessments Monthly Submissions***


    Operative assessments are an ACGME requirement which must be tracked on a monthly basis.

    At the end of each month, you are required to submit 3 Operative Assessments

    of a single procedure (preferably with the same attending) to Eric Greenstein in order to obtain credit.


    These operative assessment forms must be completed with the

    date of the surgical procedure, medical records number, and respective faculty member.


    ***Global Assessment of Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Skills (GAGES)

    Evaluation Submission***

    Global Assessment of Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Skills (GAGES) evaluation form

    MUST be completed by the conclusion of your Endoscopy rotation.

    Once completed, it is your responsibility to submit the completed

    GAGES evaluation form to Eric Greenstein to be included in your file.


    General Surgery Categorical Residents: BLS & ACLS Certifications


    If your BLS & ACLS Certifications are due to expire soon please contact the Education Office


    to be scheduled for an upcoming Renewal Course


    ***It is important to keep these updated for Mount Sinai & Elmhurst credentialing purposes***


    Once you receive your certification card, it is imperative that you submit a copy of the

    front & back of the card to the Education Office so we can have a copy for your file!





  • No Q2 call


  • Everyone must take an entire calendar day off per week.


  • Everyone must have 10 hours off in between shifts.


  • 16 hours maximum for interns.


  • If you stay late, you must inform your chief and come in late the next day to stay compliant.


  • No call switching with co-resident without approval from Dr. Divino and Dani Gonzalez.





    Duty hours are being monitored on a WEEKLY basis by the Education Office for compliance purposes.


    Please be sure to log your DUTY HOURS in New Innovations on a DAILY BASIS!


    Duty Hour reminder emails will be sent every Friday by the Education Office


    If duty hours are not logged you will receive a warning letter and possible SUSPENSION




    Ø  Kindly use the Duty Hours tab in New Innovations to log your Duty Hours

    Ø  Kindly use the Clinic log Books drop-down menu in New Innovations to log your Clinics/Continuity of Care

    Ø  Kindly use the Portfolio drop-down menu in New Innovations to log your Scholarly activities

    Ø  Kindly ensure your online completion of pending medical-student evaluations (e*value).

    Ø  Kindly ensure your completion of  Rotation Evaluations, Goals and Objectives in New Innovations








  • Contact Indra (coordinator) immediately (718) 584-9000 Ext. 6757 to make sure you are cleared to rotate at the VA and that you have completed your CPRS Training/ Mandatory VA On-line Trainings and that you will have VA hospital access and will be able to receive your VA ID badge without any issue

  • Ask Indra how to obtain your fingerprint clearance (This process takes at least 2-3 weeks to clear!)

  • Rotators not working NIGHT must take 6:45AM Shuttle

  • Visit Indra at the 7th Floor, Room 7A-11

  • Be aware of all VA conferences, clinics, primary patients, consults and OR cases that should be in your radar while rotating there***



  • If you have not been fingerprinted at the VA previously, it is imperative to have your fingerprinting done at least a 1 month prior to the start of your rotation (sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks or longer to obtain your clearance).

  • You can report to the Bronx VA any day between Monday-Thursday between 8am-12pm and see Indra Naipal  located on the 7th Fl (Room 7A-11) – Prior to going you can confirm if she will be available on a particular day/time by calling her at (718) 584-9000 Ext. 6757.

  • In the event that she’s not available you can contact the HR Department at 718-584-9000 ext. 6584 to schedule your Fingerprinting APPT and their office is located on the 9th Fl (Room 9B-11)



    Bring two original forms of picture ID (Driver’s License/State Photo ID and Passport).



    All non-citizens and naturalized citizens must bring their original picture ID’s for processing upon their rotation at the VA.




  • All residents must be fully credentialed 6 weeks prior to their rotation. There will be no exceptions!

  • Residents MUST  find the time to update medical clearance  and  update Mask Fitting once notified by the Education  Office.


Updating Medical Clearance

Updating Mask-Fitting


Employee Health Services

19 E 98th St., 2nd Fl, Rm 2D Monday – Wednesday

anytime between 8AM-4PM

1) Mount Sinai Respirator Fit Testing Monthly Schedule available via Intranet:



2) Education Office can also arrange  Respirator Fit Testing to be conducted by Reba Miller at any time. Please call her to set up at time for Fit Test: x46168

Elmhurst End of Rotation Requirements

Returning Pagers & Scrubs


  • You must return beepers directly to the Telecom Dept.

  • Do not leave pagers home, in team room, or in your locker on the last day of your rotation.

  • Please be sure to return all scrubs on your last day of rotation.


    Completion of Brief Op Notes & Dictated Cases


  • You must complete all Brief Op Notes to complete the chart.

  • Complete all undictated cases and sign charts in the computer.

  • Medical Records and Telecommunication Depts. REQUIRE Clearance forms that must be completed and signed for each resident at the end of their rotation.








Prize: $25 Gift Card

Good for use at any Food & Nutrition Cafeteria locations at Mount Sinai

(including the Starbucks in the Guggenheim Lobby)


  • ACGME Case Logs (must be logged & up-to-date)

  • Duty Hours (logged on weekly basis)

  • New Innovations Monthly Evaluations (no outstanding evals)

  • Continuity of Care Clinic Logs (up-to-date)

  • Rotation Goals & Objectives (up-to-date)


    Trainee Mental Health Support Resources


    Dr. Sarah Hodulik


    Any residents interested in coming in for an appointment can get in touch personally at:


    212-659-8851 /


    Or can email their clinic account:



    Dr. Jeffrey Newcorn






    Dr. Evan Leibu



    Emergency psychiatric services can be initiated by contacting the psychiatrist on-call through the page operator (212-241-5581) or by calling the Psychiatric Emergency Service (212-241-5637).



    Report A Concern


    Please use the Report A Concern Website ( for confidential reporting of Mistreatment, Harassment, Lapses in Professionalism or any other issues of concern to House Staff or Faculty in programs under ISMMS Sponsorship. 

    These reports go directly to the GME Director who will route them to the appropriate party in the GME Leadership structure. You may report anonymously, include non-identifiable contact information, or include your name. While all reports are appreciated and encouraged, the inclusion of contact information will allow us to potentially obtain supplemental information to adequately investigate the reported concern(s).



    For any inquiries or issues please contact the


    General Surgery Residency Education Office at 212-241-5871 to speak with


    Munira Persad / Catalina Gonzalez / Eric Greenstein / Fatima Shafiq/ Omayra Lambert



    Categorical Residents:

    American Board of Surgery - Training Requirements

    for General Surgery Certification


    Resident Assessment Requirement

    Applicants for general surgery certification are required to have obtained six operative and six clinical performance assessments conducted by their program director or other faculty members.  By signing an individual’s application, the program director attests that these 12 assessments have been completed. The completed assessment forms are not collected by the ABS.  Evaluation forms and further information are available at under Training & Certification à General Surgery à Training Requirements.

    ABS Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum

    A reminder that completion of the ABS Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum will be required of applicants who complete residency in the 2017-2018 academic year or thereafter.  The curriculum is available as a PDF document at under Training & Certification à General Surgery à Training Requirements.

    Each resident graduating in the 2017-18 academic year and thereafter have to return a completed Global Assessment of Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Skills (GAGES) evaluation form to be completed at the conclusion of their Endoscopy rotation. It is your responsibility to send the completed GAGES evaluation form back to the Education office to be included in your file.

    Operative Experience Requirements

  • At least 750 operative procedures as operating surgeon over 5 years, with at least 150 in the chief resident year.* Applicants may count up to 50 cases as teaching assistant toward the 750 total; however these cases may not count toward the 150 chief year cases.

  • At least 25 cases in surgical critical care,* with at least one in each of 7 categories: ventilatory management; bleeding (non-trauma); hemodynamic instability; organ dysfunction/failure; dysrhythmias; invasive line management and monitoring; and parenteral/enteral nutrition.

  • At least 25 cases as teaching assistant by the completion of residency (applies to applicants who completed residency in the 2014-2015 academic year or thereafter).

  • At least 250 operations by end of PGY-2 year, for applicants who began residency in July 2014or thereafter. The 250 cases can include procedures performed as operating surgeon or first assistant. Of the 250, at least 200 must be either in the defined categories, endoscopies, or e-codes (see below for info on e-codes). A maximum of 50 non-defined category cases may be applied to this requirement. The 250 cases must be completed over 2 consecutive residency years, ending with the PGY-2 year.

*Revised Operative Experience Requirements as of 2017-2018
The ABS is implementing the following changes to its operative requirements effective with residents graduating in the 2017-2018 academic year (applies to current PGY-4s and below):

  • At least 850 operative procedures in five years as operating surgeon

  • At least 200 operative procedures in the chief resident year

  • At least 40 cases in surgical critical care, with at least one in each category

Clinical vs. Non-Clinical Time

The ABS requires 48 weeks of full-time clinical experience in each year of residency.  The remaining four weeks of the year are considered non-clinical time that may be used for any purpose.  While the ABS considers the 48-week requirement to be of the utmost importance in developing fully-trained surgeons, options are available to provide programs and residents with some flexibility in meeting this requirement.

Full Medical License Required for CE

Residents will be required to have a full and unrestricted medical license (U.S. or Canada) to register for the Certifying Exam.  They should allow several months for the licensure process.  Temporary, limited, educational or institutional licenses will not be accepted under any circumstances, even if they are in a fellowship.

Taking the QE After PGY-4

Starting this academic year, we will permit residents who will successfully complete their PGY-4 year in June to apply for and take the QE.  All application requirements must be met, including the requirements outlined above for operative cases and for certification in ACLS, ATLS and FLS.

Taking the exam after PGY-4 will count toward the four opportunities within four years that are granted to successfully complete the QE.  However, the overall seven-year limit to achieve certification will not go into effect until successful completion of residency training. 

Residents who pass the QE after their PGY-4 will not have any official status with the ABS until their residency training has been satisfactorily completed.  Once that occurs, they will be considered a candidate for certification and, like other candidates, will be granted three opportunities within three years (with one opportunity per year) to pass the General Surgery Certifying Exam (CE).