The Mount Sinai Hospital admitted its first patient, a surgical case, on June 8, 1855; three days after opening its doors. Dr. Israel Moses operated on L.S., a 42-year old male with a fistula-in-ano, who went home five days later in good condition. 

While providing outstanding patient care has always been the mission of The Mount Sinai Hospital, providing exceptional physician education has been an equally important hallmark in the hospital’s decades-long history. With its chartering in 1963, the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, now called the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, became the first medical school to grow out of a non-university in more than 50 years. The fact that the hospital was encouraged to found a school is a testament to its tradition of excellence in patient care as well as research and education.

In 1872, The Mount Sinai Hospital moved from its original 45-bed building to space on Lexington Avenue, which nearly tripled the hospital’s capacity. Coinciding with the relocation was the formation of the Medical Board, a group established to set rules and regulations for the growing medical staff. By their own definition, they were organized “for the consideration of all matters appertaining to the medical management of the Hospital.”

In 1877, the hospital formally divided the house staff into medical and surgical divisions, each with a senior and junior resident. Surgical volume grew and by 1899, the caseload exceeded 2,000 operations. By 1904, when the hospital moved to its current location at 100th Street and Fifth Avenue, approximately four house surgeons were completing their training at The Mount Sinai Hospital each year. Today, the General Surgery training program at The Mount Sinai Hospital employs about 85 house officers.


Research at Sinai

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has received international recognition for producing ground-breaking clinical and basic science research. The National Institute of Health has awarded Mount Sinai more than $311 million in grants, ranking the institution #18 among the nation’s accredited medical schools. Consistent with the institutional mission to advance medical science, The Mount Sinai Department of Surgery fosters academic excellence and advancement by continually pursuing a variety of research projects.

Our residency program is a 5-year program; as such, dedicated time-off for research is not required. Residents who choose to pursue additional research typically take up to a two-year hiatus between PGY3 and PGY4 years. All surgical residents have a research requirement during their clinical years. Residents are required to participate in a research project under the direction of an assigned faculty mentor. The goal of this initiative is to equip the resident with basic research and investigative skills to carry out a research project from inception to publication. This includes the selection of a topic, experimental design, statistical analysis of data, and eventual publication in a high-impact surgical journal. The requirement is a minimum of one retrospective or prospective study published in an appropriate peer-reviewed journal.

In addition, Mount Sinai currently offers one dual surgery/MPH position per year at the discretion of the Surgical Residency Director. Offered through The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, courses are scheduled during autumn, winter, and spring terms. Participating physicians complete all MPH degree requirements during the last four years of residency training.


Clinical Rotations / Education

Detailed breakdown of each clinical year can be found on our institutional website, along with further descriptions of each of the following education resources:

  • Core Curriculum: protected lectures and skills labs every Friday morning, 7AM-10AM

  • Surgical Simulation Center

  • FLS Certified Center

  • Surgical Boot Camp

  • Surgical Skills Curriculum

  • Robotic Surgery Skills Curriciulum

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Animal Lab




Faculty & Staff

Program Director

Celia M Divino, MD



Program Coordinators



Catalina Gonzalez


Simulation & FLS Center Coordinator

eric greenstein


Medical Student Coordinator

Fatima Shafiq


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Current Residents

Get to know some of our residents.



James Saltsman, MD

Former musician and public health guy. Proud new dad to Gene.

Education: Tufts University School of Medicine
Favorite Activity: Biking to some weird little restaurant in Brooklyn or Queens.
Specialty Interest: Pediatric Surgery


George_Justin_ERAS SMALL.jpg

Justin George, MD

I enjoy vascular surgery and occasionally lifting weights.

Education: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Favorite Activity: Remaking the Schedule
Specialty Interest: Vascular Surgery



Loic Tchokouani, MD

Born of immigrant parents from Cameroon, I'm a first generation American citizen born in France. I love my family, love being a doctor, and enjoy playing sports and mentoring the next generation.

Education: Ohio State University College of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Speakeasies, Date-night
Specialty Interest: Minimally Invasive Surgery


Morgan_sellers (Medium).JPG

Morgan Sellers, MD

Grew up on the west coast but came to NYC for college and have been bouncing around the east coast ever since. Interested in medical education, qualitative research, and acute care surgery.

Education: Perelman School of Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania
Favorite Activity in the City: Chasing my two kids around Central Park
Specialty Interest: Acute Care Surgery


Application Photo.JPG

Stewart Whitney, MD

Born and raised Texan, avid football fan (Boomer Sooner). Moved to the city and wouldn’t change it for anything. Husband to a great woman and dog-dad to a very cute and neurotic corgi named Walter.

Education: Baylor College of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Exploring the city/Central Park or bar/restaurant hopping
Specialty Interest: Colon and Rectal Surgery





Kacey Chuquin, MD

I was raised in rural Virginia where I spent my childhood building forts in the woods, taming feral cats, jumping in the mud pit by the creek, and begging my parents for goats (it didn't work). I went to Virginia Commonwealth University for college and medical school. I fell in love with surgery by accident, and now here I am. I live here now with my husband who is a hospitalist and our two dogs (Obi and Jasper).

Education: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Eating
Specialty Interest: Colorectal



Julian Horwitz, MD

Raised outside Boston. Avid skier. Dog parent to Peanut.

Education: New York University School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Running in Central Park
Specialty Interest: Transplant



Chris LaChapelle, MD

Central Massachusetts native, addicted to Pinto Horses as a kid, grandfather was one of 18, NYU undergrad, engaged to best guy ever Adrian, former PT in burn center, ran Boston, obsessed with my Boston terrier Jack, sailor, temporary California transplant, dirty martini drinker, BU med school, fan of the Public Theater, foodie, happy place Nantucket.

Education: Boston University School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: It's a tie between running in Central Park and hunting for good restaurants!
Specialty Interest: Critical care, general thoracic, burn




Asya Ofshteyn.jpg

Asya Ofshteyn, MD

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. Completed undergraduate studies and MPH at UC Berkeley, and medical school at UCSF. Enjoys ultimate frisbee, blues and swing dancing, and experiential art. Wants to help build more efficient systems that improve healthcare disparities and outcomes for all patients in surgery.

Education: University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Eating out at new restaurants
Specialty Interest: Colorectal Surgery


Erin Fennern.jpg

Erin Fennern, MD, MPH

Pacific Northwestern, cat mom, and craft beer connoisseur. Very interested in surgical outcomes research and underserved populations. Currently doing research at University of Washington in outcomes.

Education: Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Attend talks and lectures
Specialty Interest: Minimally Invasive Surgery


Dolan, Daniel.png

Daniel Dolan, MD

I grew up all over the Midwest as the only child of two engineers. Went to Miami University for undergrad and then University of Cincinnati for med school. I have always loved surgery and found I also love to teach. I travel, see live music, and spend time with family and friends whenever I can.

Education: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Broadway shows and Live Music
Specialty Interest: Cardiothoracic Surgery



Kate Pawloski, MD

Born and raised in New Jersey. Avid skier and barre aficionado. Currently doing clinical research in breast cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and pursuing an MPH through the General Preventive Medicine residency at Sinai.

Education: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Favorite Activity in the City: Running along the Westside Highway
Specialty Interest: Breast Surgery





Allen Zhong, MD

Former Texan, surgeon, breakfast tacos and bagels, professional napper.

Education: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Food, all of the food
Specialty Interest: Pediatric Surgery, Trauma



Marina Reppucci, MD

From Connecticut, Marina is a dedicated yogi and reader of the NYT Sunday paper. She is particularly interested in surgical mentorship and increasing the presence of bioethics in surgery.

Education: Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Union Square Greenmarket
Specialty Interest: Pediatric Surgery


Parmer_Megan Photo.jpg

Megan Parmer, MD

Grew up in a military family moving around a lot as a kid, but eventually settled in Texas where I went to high school, undergrad, and medical school. Wanted a new adventure for residency so moved NYC and brought my fiance (now a gen surg resident at another hospital) along with me! Interested in Global Surgery, healthcare access, and finding the best tacos in NYC.

Education: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso, TX
Favorite Activity in the City: Exploring new neighborhoods, buildings, and museums around the city; Biking in Riverside Park
Specialty Interest: Endocrine, Colorectal, MIS



Shruti Zaveri, MD, MPH

Texan - Chicagoan - Budding New Yorker
I was born in India, grew up in Dallas, went to college and medical school at Northwestern, and am now thrilled to be part of the general surgery family at Mount Sinai. I was in an MD/MPH program in medical school and am interested in pursuing global/public health work in my career. I absolutely love traveling and the outdoors, and my husband (also a surgical resident at Mount Sinai) and I never miss a chance to get in our car and head out for a road-trip.

Education: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Discovering new waterfront spaces to kayak, canoe, sail, or simply ogle at the skyline meeting the waves.
Specialty Interest: Breast Surgical Oncology





Alycia So, MD

27F no PMH s/p MD at OSH (2018).
Loves dogs, traveling, seltzer, and coffee.

Education: Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania
Favorite Activity in the City: Wandering Central Park with my pup, the Met, eating all the food
Specialty Interest: Breast Oncology, Palliative Care



Damien Lazar, MD, MBA

I grew up in Westchester county, just north of NYC, before heading to Cornell University for college. Afterwards, I moved to Cambridge, MA and worked as a legal analyst at a consulting firm for several years before going to medical school at Tufts University and ultimately heading back to the NY area for residency. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to go backpacking in remote locations such as the Canadian Rockies and Patagonia. More locally, I enjoy cooking, spending time with friends, and exploring central park.

Education: Tufts University School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Walking or running in central park
Specialty Interest: Undecided


Daniel Bitner.jpg

Daniel Bitner, MD

I'm originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, went to college in Philly (Temple), then medical school at the University of Virginia. I enjoy reading and writing, watching movies, running/working out, podcasts, and shooting the breeze about random topics, current events, etc. outside of the hospital.

Education: University of Virginia School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Exploring new parts (limitless opportunity to do so); still have to do more of this before I give a better answer!
Specialty Interest: Undecided



Hongdau Peter Liu, MD, PhD

Californian who married a New Yorker. Will eventually ask anyone in proximity to recommend one album from any artist, add it to a Spotify playlist, and then claim he has awesome taste in music.

Education: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Favorite Activity in the City: Comparing every decent NY bakery to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie
Specialty Interest: Surgical Oncology



Madeleine Higgins, MD

California native, animal lover, dog mom, wife, surgeon, gardening & Mexican food enthusiast

Education: Tufts University School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Exploring
Specialty Interest: Undecided



Stephen Trinidad, MD

Spent my childhood in Mali as the son of Christian missionaries. Now a husband, father, and doctor in NYC who loves people, loves to travel and hopes to spend a career in medical missions.

Education: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Favorite Activity in the City: Playing with my son, walks in central park, amazing food.
Specialty Interest: Global Surgery





Dylan Cuva, MD

From NJ originally. I have one plump orange cat. I enjoy eating pasta, playing/watching soccer, traveling, playing video games, and reading.

Education: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
Favorite Activity in the City: Reading in the park, Sinai’s frozen yogurt machine
Specialty Interest: Undecided



Hanna Williams, MD

Grew up in Atlanta but headed north to Montreal for college and then back to Atlanta for medical school at Emory. In my spare time I’m attempting to keep my two house plants alive and walk as much of city as possible. 

Education: Emory School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Running around Central Park, finding good food spots
Specialty Interest: Surgical Oncology?



Hans Max Huber, MD

Originally from Somerville, MA. Enjoys hiking, skiing, and guitar.

Education: Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Favorite Activity in the City: Running in Central Park
Specialty Interest: Colorectal Surgery



Lauren Tufts, MD

Californian on the outside, New Yorker on the inside. I love dumplings, ramen, bbq, climbing, and beaches

Education: Weill Cornell Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Climbing everything - indoors and outdoors
Specialty Interest: Undecided



Nicole Uzor, MD

Born and raised in Atlanta,Ga. I LOVE music, working out, watching sports, outdoors, travel, reading books, good conversations, trying new foods and my dog, Addie.

Education: Morehouse School of Medicine
Favorite Activity in the City: Laying under the trees in Central Park after a run and listening to music
Specialty Interest: Pediatric Surgery and Global Surgery



Sean Johnson, MD

Wisconsin native born and raised in a small town, finally starting to accept that I'm okay with the East Coast cities. Cycling has become my life outside of the hospital and if you don't find me on a bike, I'm probably in the kitchen testing out new recipes.

Education: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Favorite Activity in the City: Early morning cycling laps around Central Park or crossing into New Jersey/going upstate on longer rides
Specialty Interest: Trauma and Critical Care